What does ‘foundous’ mean?

Foundous is to be visible, to be found.  

When we begin, how do I tell you what I want on my website?

We have spent an exhaustive amount of time coming up with a form that allows us to capture as much information as we can. This information also captures the general design style and colours you are looking to incorporate into your site. The next step is for our designers to create the best possible website for you, based on the information and design elements you’ve provided.

What is the main difference in the packages you offer?

The Basic and Advanced Packages offer websites that have a certain degree of customization to them, while the Custom package offers a fully customized website. Furthermore, the Advanced Package offers an unlimited number of edits, while the Basic Package offers 4 edits per annum.

What is included in each of these packages?

All Foundous package options include hosting, unlimited bandwidth, a responsive website that is compatible with and supported by most devices, andbasic email. In addition to these, we also create social media pages for your business and connect them to their respective social media buttons on your website. The details of each of our packages can be found here

Do I get a domain name too?

Yes, you do! Your business’ web domain name is included* in your website package (e.g., www.yourbusinessname.com). If you have a preference for a domain name, let us know during the sign up process, and we will register it for you, if it is available. In most cases, when clients are not sure, we create a default domain, which is the name of their business. If the name of the business is taken, we add with it the name of the city where the business is registered. For example, if the name of your business is ‘City News Inc.’ and it is located in Miami, our default registration attempt would be 'citynews.com' before we attempt 'citynewsmiami.com' If both these options are taken, we will notify you.

  • * Domain names that are already taken can't be registered.
  • * It may not be possible to register premium domains with Foundous. Also known as after-market, pre-registered, or secondary-market domains, premium domains are domains that were previously registered and are now put back in the market for resale.
  • * Foundous domains can have between 3 and 63 characters.
  • * You can't register or transfer a custom domain with Foundous if the domain name has the word ‘Foundous' in it.
  • * Domains with special characters (such as ü, é, or ñ) may not display properly on all browsers. If a browser can’t display the character, it will reformat the domain with extra characters and dashes. For example, the domain ‘übercool.de’ redirects to ‘xn—bercool-m2a.de' in unsupported browsers.

What if I want to use a domain name that I have already registered?

Not a problem at all! Simply share your domain information with us so that we can redirect your domain to the new site. We can also take on the management of the domain name for you so that you have one less thing to worry about.

Do I need to register a domain name for my new Foundous mobile site?

No. Your site is responsive — depending on what device you’re using to browse through it, it will automatically resize and reformat so that the visitor gets the best possible viewing experience.

Do I get an email account with my domain?

We set up a Zoho** email account and connect it to your domain. Foundous Basic and Advanced Packages include business email accounts (e.g., yourname@yourbusinessname.com or sales@yourbusinessname.com) to help your visitors connect with you in a more professional manner.

Do you offer email accounts for purchase?

Yes. You can purchase email accounts via G Suite email for your domain since it also includes Google Calendar, Docs, Drive, and more. We have been a reseller with Google for more than a decade now.

Why should I opt for your services when I can use Wix, Weebly or GoDaddy to build my site for free?

We encourage everyone to learn how to build well-designed sites; Wix, Weebly, and GoDaddy are great options. However, just as a paintbrush, a canvas, and a palette full of colors don’t guarantee a work of art, a well-designed website involves a lot more than just putting together a few components.

We all depend on professionals to help us with our business in matters related to accounting and legal. Similarly, you can depend on Foundous to be your digital design partner.

What are the other services you offer?

Google Places - Registration and Maintenance

  1. 97% of online consumers search for local businesses on Google. So, it’s imperative that your business is listed on Google Places, a free service by Google that helps your business stand out. We will claim your listing, add photos, update your address and working hours, and present your business in the best light with this valuable online marketing tool.
  2. Social Media
    As a value add-on, we create your Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram accounts and link them to your website. Ask us how.
  3. Content/Blog creation
    We create meaningful, relevant content with the right blend of keywords that will keep your site relevant.

Do you do website updates as well? How much does it cost?

Yes, we do website updates. The Basic Package includes 4 edits per year and additional edits start at $50 USD (depending on the change to be administered). The Advanced Package includes unlimited edits.

What’s considered an edit?

An edit is any change in text and/or assets.

How do I let you know of the required changes?

You can simply email them to us at support@foundous.com, using the guideline below. 

New Page Copy
Email us the copy (content) for each new page, indicating header (title), the body copy, and footer copy, wherever required. 

Existing Page Copy
In case you want to add new text on an existing web page, email us the additional copy (content) and its placement on the page.

If you want to replace some existing content, email us the replacement copy (new content) and its placement on the page. In this case, we also need you to let us know, in quotations, the copy (old content) that needs to be removed. 

Assets - Pictures/Video/Downloadable forms
All clients are provided with a unique link to upload their assets. If you forget your link, please email us at support@foundous.com and we will be happy to send you your link. 

Please provide us with a picture in the following format

  • File formats - jpg, gif, png
  • Pixel width - between 1500 and 2500
  • Upload size - 20MB max. (however, we recommend keeping file sizes under 500KB) 

Please provide us with a link to your video that can be found on YouTube or Vimeo.

Downloadable form
Please provide us your form in PDF format

While making the edits, we’ll take into consideration the existing design, layout, and flow of your website, and would include the edits in a way that beautifully complements the existing website as well as the overall experience. As your Design Team, we ensure that the changes on your website are seamless.

Can I make tweaks to the site, like adding some banner ads, jumping cats or GIFs?

While we make content edits, we do not accept design direction. You can, however, send us assets that need to be added on your website. The asset edits are at our discretion; if we deem them to be substandard (i.e., the format or quality is not as detailed out in the previous Q&A here) we may ask you to give us a better quality asset. We take pride in being your design partner, and part of our success is in making you look presentable.

Can I upgrade from a Basic Package to an Advanced Package?

Absolutely. The primary difference between both the packages is the number of edits you can get done. If you need to make regular updates or changes to your website (i.e., more than once every few months), Advanced Package is better for you. However, you could start with the Basic Package, and if we notice that your edits are frequent, we will recommend that you upgrade to the Advanced Package.

Does my business own the website content?

Of course! If you want to do something different, you’re free to take your website content and do so. We are all about your success, not about forcing you into something that doesn’t fit.

What are the other good things I can expect?

Ad-Free – We do not sell or run ads next to your content. Your site is yours.

Protection – Foundous believes in transparency and trust. We do not give your personal information to any third parties since we take your privacy very seriously.

No Surprises – There is no surprise pricing when you sign up, no additional charges, no long-term contracts (with monthly plans) and no upselling.

Come, be a part of our journey towards good design. Click here to sign up

Who does Foundous support?

We support everyone, but we are especially passionate about the businesses that are trying to bring about a genuine change. We have a program wherein we offer FREE websites to those that align with these values. If you know of a business that you feel is worthwhile, let us know and we will build them a basic website, free of charge for life.

If you have any more question/s, please contact us

** If you’re keen on free email services, Zoho is ideal for you. We’ll create an email account on Zoho for you and make you the admin. Once this is done, you can add, delete, and edit email addresses as and when needed. Please note that Foundous does not troubleshoot or manage Zoho. However, we support G Suite which costs $50 USD per user, per year.