Tips To Write An Effective Products And Services Page

The primary goal of any business website is sales. So, hands down, one of the most important sections of any website is the one that showcases the business’ products and/or services. However, writing for a product/services page isn’t as straightforward as you may presume. There are certain dos and don’ts you have to abide by. That is exactly what we’ll be discussing today. 

1. Structure

Firstly, decide the structure of your Products/Services page based on what you sell and the variety of items you sell. For example, if you have a bakery, you can either display your whole menu on a single page, or you may use a dropdown in your ‘Menu’ section and divide it into Cakes, Pastries, Savouries, Breads, etc., and have a separate page for each one of them. If there aren’t too many products, a single page may suffice. However, if you offer a myriad list of products, dividing them will make it easier for the visitor to find what they’re looking for. If every product/service requires an elaborate description, it would be wiser to have an individual page for each one of them. If you offer several products or services, you should either segregate them and have an individual page for each kind, or have individual page for every product/service. 

2. Page title

Often underestimated, the page title is useful not only for the visitors but also for SEO purposes. Hence, you need to give it a careful thought. While you may be tempted to give it a creative spin, the page title is crucial to boost your ranking on search engines; so stick to the words that people mostly search for on Google, Bing, etc. The most common page titles for Products/Services page include Products/Services (respectively, or both if it works), What We Offer, Solutions, Packages, Menu, etc. However, you need not compromise on creativity for clarity. Conduct a keyword research to know what the most common searches are for a particular service or product. 

3. Description priorities

There may be some products/services that do not need a description owing to their widespread and obvious use. Yet it is recommended that you add a description in order to aid SEO. Steer clear of extremely long descriptions, but ensure you do not skimp on crucial points like…

  • Key features of that product/service

  • How it will benefit the user

  • How it is different from others of its kind

  • The numbers involved — eg. dimensions, warranty period, chargeable time, etc.

  • What to expect — eg. Reduced backache (in case of an Ayurvedic massage), soft and clean feet (with Spa Pedicure) 

Do not assume that visitors will call you up for more information. More often than not, if all the necessary details are not available on a website, visitors go to another site looking for answers to their queries or concerns.

4. Prices

More often than not, visitors do not purchase from a website where the prices are missing. That’s why it’s crucial to mention the price of the products and services on your website. It helps the visitor understand if your product/service is affordable to them, beyond their budget, or too inexpensive for their expected standard. If individual or exact prices cannot be quoted, at least the price range must be mentioned.

5. Images

Images are yet another significant aspect of the Products and Services page. Supporting the descriptions with images not only helps the visitors understand what to expect but also helps in SEO. In fact, attractive images have the potential to convert a visitor into a buyer, thereby increasing your sales. However, it is advised that you get the pictures taken professionally or purchase professionally shot photographs instead of downloading free stock images. Click here to read our blog on ways to get impressive photographs for your business website

Quality content on your Products/Services page is necessary to boost your sales as well as your search engine ranking. So ensure you follow these tips we shared and make the most of them.

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