How To Craft Home Page Content On A Small Business Website

A mall may have multiple entrances, but the one that’s used the most is usually the main entrance which more often than not leads its visitors to the different wings of the mall. Similarly, a website may have multiple landing pages (the first webpage a visitor reaches), but the Home Page is the most common landing page. Home Page is where most people build their perception about the website and its offerings. That’s why it is essential that this page is crafted carefully replete with a good design that’s easy to navigate, and packed with informative content that leads the visitor to the other important pages of the site. This aspect holds even more value when it’s a small business website. 

If you’ve been inundated with thoughts like, “What should I put on my home page,” then you’re at the right place. Today, we’ll tell you how you can potentially come up with impressive content for your business website’s home page.

Dos and Don'ts for Home Page Content

  • First and foremost, ensure that you use a language that your visitors understand. Using jargons on your website is not a wise idea, unless it’s a common term used amongst your target audience. Keep the words simple and sentences short.
  • While images offer support, words are crucial in explaining to your visitors what you do, at a glance. So make good use of textual content by including a short, comprehensive headline and sub-headline.
  • Visitors may have come to your website looking for a specific solution. They’ll explore your website further only if they, from the home page content, gauge that you can provide them with the solution they’re looking for. That’s why it is essential that your content successfully positions your company as the solution-provider to the most prevalent problems of your target audience.
  • Using a slideshow or carousel is no doubt a good idea, but burdening the home page with a lot of images, videos, and other media may increase the load time of your website. This could lead to an increase in bounce rate (visitors leaving the website from the first page itself). So limit the use of heavy media on the home page. A web design expert should be able to advise you on how to optimize the use of media without hampering a webpage’s load time.
  • Do not dump a lot of information on the home page, as it will simply clutter it. Instead, use this page to tell your visitors in a nutshell what they can expect from your business. Use hyperlinks to lead them to other pages where they can learn about those features in detail. The most common pages that a home page leads to are About Us, Products/Services, Testimonials, Press Releases, and Case Studies or Portfolio.
  • Is there something in particular that you would want your visitors to do? Maybe sign up, or fill up an enquiry form, or learn more about your business and the different ways it can help them? Use appropriate call-to-action (CTA) buttons wherever required.
  • The home page is where you can indicate what sets you apart from your competitors. You can elaborate on your USPs (Unique Selling Points) on some other page, for instance, on the About Us page.
  • Refrain from making false promises or high claims — not just on the home page but on any page of your website — as it could jeopardize your trustworthiness.
  • Last but not the least, ensure your home page content is keyword-rich and optimized for SEO.

Now that you’re equipped with the tips to write home page content for a business website, get started on crafting effective content for your business and make sure you incorporate all the points we’ve mentioned here. All the best!


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