How To Write An Effective About Us Page For A Small Business Website

Imagine yourself at the centre stage of a meeting room before prospective clients who are meeting you for the first time. Will you directly talk business to them, or will you first introduce yourself and your business before trying to make a sale? We assume you chose the latter option here, unless you are a celebrity whose business needs no introduction. The same is the case in the digital realm. The About Us page is an opportunity for a small business or startup to introduce itself before its visitors and earn their confidence and trust. Larger players who have existed in the market may not necessarily need an introduction; but businesses that are yet to gain a foothold in the market should treat an About Us page as more than a mere obligation.

Today, let us discuss how a small business can maximize the effectiveness of its About Us page with the right content.


Dos for an About Us page

1. Be creative 

Nobody likes a boring introduction; so, get creative to keep your visitors engaged. Bring forth the exciting personality of your business as well as the people behind it. If you have an interesting story on how the company was founded or what led to its establishment, feel free to share it. If something can be explained better with an analogy, use it, as long as you are not digressing.

2. Be honest

An About Us page has the potential to help you win your visitors’ trust. Adding superlatives like best, fastest, easiest, cheapest, most, etc. without proper validation will make your potential customers doubt your claims. So, ensure that you weigh your words before including it in your About Us page.  

3. Answer these questions

Visitors may have a lot of questions about your business. So it’s necessary that your About Us page paints a clear picture for them. Answering the below mentioned questions is a good way towards it:

  • When did you start your business?
  • What makes your company and its products/services special?
  • What are its core values?
  • Why are you doing what you are doing?

4. Introduce your team

Here, you may want to introduce the key members of your team and inform your website visitors what expertise they bring with them. Mentioning their years of experience, range of knowledge in their domain, and service potential will help your visitors discern if your business can cater to their needs or not. Adding a picture of the team or individual team members may subtly introduce the familiarity aspect.

5. Instil trust

As a small business, it’s crucial for you to inspire trust in your visitors since they do not really know you. A good way to do this is by mentioning your association with a recognized professional organization in your industry or geographic area. For example, if your business is listed on Yelp or Trip Advisor, including the rating you have earned there will help you earn credibility among new visitors. 

6. Organize information

You may be all gung-ho about sharing the necessary information on the About Us page, but this doesn’t discount the importance of organizing the content. You must prioritize information in a way that defines your business. While there’s no strict format for the flow of the content on the About Us page, it’s suggested that it sounds more like a narrative and is successful in establishing a connection with the visitors.  

7. Use content that boosts your business

The content that you use on your About Us page should be visitor-friendly as well as SEO-friendly. Using easy words and simple sentences will help your website visitors absorb what's being conveyed without much effort. Similarly, inserting favourable keywords will make your website easily visible to search engines, thereby boosting your SEO ranking.


Don’ts for an About Us page

1. Do not resort to forced humour

While humour can spice up your content, refrain from inserting “jokes” at the cost of hampering the flow of the narrative, as this could have a negative effect. 

2. Avoid too much or too little information

Going on and on about something is a big no-no; so is providing insufficient information about something that could be of importance to the visitor. Put yourself into the shoes of the visitors and figure what information is important and how much. 

3. Steer clear of embellishments

In a bid to impress your visitors, you shouldn’t end up embellishing. This, however, does not mean that you do not talk about your achievements; on the contrary, you should be mentioning your company’s accomplishments and milestones. In fact, if you have facts or figures worth showing off, use them tactfully.

4. Don’t over-commit

At times, in a bid to convert a visitor into a customer, you may be tempted to promise them things that are difficult for you to deliver. Instances of this could be — free delivery across the country, delivery within 24 hours, or try and buy. However, refrain from making promises that could be too demanding for you as a small business. Committing something and not delivering it will not only cause trust issues but also earn you a bad reputation. 

An About Us page has the ability to help you win the trust of not only your potential customers but also investors and/or probable alliances. But this is possible only if it is done right. 

We hope these tips on how to write content for the About Us page help you come up with an impressive output. Good luck!

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