Tips To Make Your Website Images More Powerful


In our previous blog, we shared 3 Ways To Get Impressive Photographs For Your Business Website (Go, check out that blog; it will help you get started on getting the right kind of images for your website). No matter what method you go with to obtain your website images, the following points will maximize the impact your images have on your website visitors.

- Be Mindful Of The Image Quality

Having skewed or pixelated pictures on your website affects your business’ reputation. So, ensure that not only are the images large, pixel perfect, and high resolution, but also fit the allotted space on the website . However, a word of caution here — having too many high-res images on your website may make your website load slower. So, optimize the images for your website. Always remember, starting with a large image is ideal since you can always reduce its size; however, increasing an image’s size may make it look fuzzy.

- Keep In Mind The Target Audience

If your line of business targets only a certain segment of the society, it is necessary that the images on your website are reflective of the target market. Visitors must be able to relate to the people in the images used on your website. 

- Be Consistent In The Kind Of Images Used

Choose the kind of images you want in every section of your website, and make sure it’s consistent. Having different kinds of images on the same page is a design faux pas you’d rather avoid. These are some of the possible inconsistencies that could affect a visitor’s subconscious psyche:

    • Having two varied types of images — say, a high-res photograph and a random caricature — at close proximity
    • Having images in various shapes and sizes on the same page
    • Having a brightly coloured image on a webpage with several neutral-coloured images
    • Placing a ‘zoomed out’ picture amongst many close-up ones

- Let Your Images Do The Talking

Many a time, visitors glance through the images to see if they find something of interest to them. So, it’s always a wise idea to capitalize on images whenever possible. Including captivating text or call-to-action with a visual hook are a couple of things you can try. However, it’s essential to ensure that there is a healthy balance between regular images and images containing text.

- Evoke Emotions With Images

Your visitors will feel the need to buy from you if they can relate to your images or if the images evoke an emotion like bliss, want, craving, etc. Some images have the ability to generate a particular “mood” in the visitor. Be clear on the kind of moods or feelings you want to generate in your visitor to ensure you get the right output.

An image has immense potential to boost a website’s conversion rate. So, get a series of good photographs for your business, choose the best ones, and give them to a good designer who can put together an impressive website. All the best!

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