3 Ways To Get Impressive Photographs For Your Business Website


Every element on a website — be it textual content, images, pages, the placement of different elements, etc. — needs to be finalized after careful thought and scrutiny. Out of all the elements, more often than not, it is the images used on a website that make the first impression. 

When a visitor lands on a business website, chances are that their instinct would be to quickly glance through the home page of the website. During this quick perusal, images are what catch their attention instantly. If what they see during this brief inspection is unimpressive, the chances of them leaving the website are higher. This is why, choosing the right images for your business website is crucial. Today, let’s discuss 3 ways to get impressive photographs for your business website. 

1. Hire A Professional Photographer

Instead of getting pictures taken by an amateur, hire a professional who understands how to capture the right images for your business. With years of experience, professional photographers are better equipped to take powerful images — ones that create intrigue, ones that reflect the quality buyers can expect from your business, and ones that capture the visitors’ attention. Inform the photographer of the things you want them to highlight in the photographs, and let their expertise take it forward from there. 

2. Purchase Stock Images

Using free images downloaded from random websites on the internet isn’t a wise idea since —

a. They could be of low quality

b. They may call upon you allegations of copyright infringement

Instead, purchase images from authorized websites that sell high quality pictures shot professionally. However, ensure that your chosen images aren’t widespread or too generic in nature. Deposit Photos, Shutterstock, and Getty Images are a few go-to websites for stock images worldwide.

For both the afore-mentioned options, you’ll need to look up for service providers that suit your requirement as well as budget. If you’re confused what will be better suited for your business — stock images or professional photographer — consider these:

  • How many images do you need for your website?

If it’s just a few, buying stock images could prove to be cheaper.

  • Do you want actual images of your products/services, office or team?

If yes, then hiring a professional photographer is the way to go.

If both these options are beyond your budget, a third option could be:

3. Do It Yourself

If you are good at photography, you could give capturing photographs for your business website a try. However, since corporate photography is quite unlike the photographs taken at family functions or during vacations, we have a handful of tips to help you get it right.

  • Take Clear Photographs

A good camera is an absolute must if you want sharp, clear images. While a DSLR or point-and-shoot camera are highly recommended, a phone camera with impressive sharpness and clarity could suffice if your budget doesn’t permit purchasing or renting a camera. 

  • Decide Beforehand Your Image’s Composition

If you intend to take a photograph of your office or team, consider these:
- How do you want your team to pose — busy working, or smiling for the camera?
- Which would be the best angles?
- What would give you impressive photographs?

If you plan to show “customers” in your photographs, consider these:

- Do you need models or regular people in your photographs?

- How do you want them to pose?

- How zoomed in do you want the photographs to be?

If you need to take pictures of your products, here’s what you need to think of beforehand:

- What features of each product do you need to focus on?

- Against what background will these products be placed?

Images are a crucial website element. You need to be mindful of the ones that make the cut and also the ones that don’t. In our next blog, we’ll tell you how to ensure you have quality images on your website. As of now, give the afore-mentioned three options a careful thought, and choose one that fits your requirement as well as your budget.

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