6 Effective Tips To Improve Online Sales


One of the primary reasons why you got a website for your business is to increase your sales. While our earlier blogs will help you strategize your search engine optimization and marketing plans, as well as go about your business’ social media conquest, this blog here will give you 6 tips to improve the sales on your website.

1. Determine Your Goal

First and foremost, be sure of what exactly are your short term goals and your long term goals. Not only should they be specific, but also measurable. Accordingly, equip yourself with software that can analyze and track your progress. 

2. Individual Online Behaviour Does Not Define Universal Behaviour

Just like it is in the real world, in the digital world too, every person behaves differently. Clicking on ads, sharing contact information on a website, uploading personal assets or details of an intellectual property online, etc. — everybody has an opinion about these. Coming to a conclusion based on the opinion of a handful of people may not be a wise idea. Instead, let trusted and accepted statistics guide you on the prevailing online behaviour of people. 

3. Understand Your Target Audience

Understanding the possible issues, wants and needs of your target audience is necessary to go ahead with complementing website content. For example, if you are a clinic that helps people get back in shape, then your website should talk about how your services can help women lose their post-pregnancy weight, men lose their beer belly, and how people with PCOS and Hypothyroid can revive their lost energy and lose the added pounds, etc. When your target audience sees that an issue relevant to them has been addressed separately, the chances of them contacting you with their concerns are higher. 

Essentially, you should know who you’re selling to, what could be their situation, what could they be thinking, their needs and hesitations, etc. All this would help you be in a better position to sell appropriate services to them. 

4. Find The Right Marketing Mix

When it comes to marketing, the primary requirement is to find the relevant audience. Once that is sorted, you need to carve out the right marketing mix for your business. You get the right marketing mix when you utilize the right media (where to advertise or promote) to send out the apt message (what needs to be conveyed) and present a relevant offer (for everyone who sees the ad). Once these key elements are in place for your website, your business will soon be doing better, online.

5. Offer Something Your Competitors Don’t

Just like it is in the offline realm, in the digital realm too, you need to one-up your competitors to attract more customers. To do that, you need to figure out a proposition that gives you an edge over them — it could be something in pre-sales, a discount on the total bill, or even attractive post-sale services. Generally, if customers get more than what they expected from a business, chances of them returning for repeat purchases or spreading a positive word about the business are higher. 

Placing your value proposition on the home page or other important landing pages (pages where visitors could reach directly from external sources like search engines, social media, etc.) is a good idea.

Having a compelling value proposition is essential, especially if you cannot defeat competitors with your price tags. If you don’t make it clear how you are better or different from your competitors, you may hear your clients exclaim, “Why should I pay more if it’s all the same!”

6. Minimize Possible Resistance

People usually have doubts, hesitation or second thoughts when shelling out money, especially online, more so when the brand is not quite familiar. Long questionnaires and unnecessary probing into details may drive people away; not sharing your contact details or trying to be anonymous may lead people to thinking that there’s some sordid reason why you’re hiding; incomplete product/service information and/or having an amateur website may cause people to think that your business lacks quality. All these may hamper your online business. So, ensure you do everything to steer clear of these points of resistance. 

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