3 Big Reasons Why Small Businesses Need SEO


You already know that a website helps share vital information about a business to its potential customers. This is one of the primary reasons you brought your business online. But is that enough? You may have heard about Search Engine Optimization or SEO, but are unsure if your business needs it too. Today, we will discuss why every business — big or small — needs SEO to propel its website’s success.

1. SEO Enhances Visibility On Search Engines

A stunning website does not mean that it will automatically bring people to it. You need to make an effort to push it. Offline activities and social media might help, but only to a limited extent. SEO, however, has the true potential to boost your website’s visibility before relevant netizens. Proper SEO measures will help search engines find your website and throw it before visitors that are searching for businesses like yours.

2. SEO Helps You Form An Impression On Search Engines

With SEO, you get to decide the Meta Title and Meta Description for each page of your website. For the uninitiated, it is the title and brief you see with each link, when you search something on a search engine.

Most visitors go through these metas before clicking on a link. That’s why it is essential to make them as relevant as possible within the stipulated number of characters.

Images and other multimedia, too, need to be SEO-efficient, if you want to maximize your reach. An SEO expert would know how this can be achieved.

3. SEO Helps In Getting More Relevant Visitors

One of the major drawbacks of offline advertising like newspapers, hoardings, and leaflets is that it is not targeted. Similarly, in case of social media advertising, people who may not necessarily be interested in your offer/business will also be shown the ad. However, if your website has been following good on-page SEO practices, the chances of appearing in relevant searches on search engines increases exponentially. This will help visitors, searching for relevant content, stumble upon your website. This is where ‘meta’ comes into play.

SEO is best incorporated on a website that is being designed or redesigned from scratch, since adequate measures can be plugged in well. On the other hand, plugging SEO into an already built website doesn’t help much. It’s like making a pizza — it’s better to add the cheese and toppings before baking a pizza, instead of adding them once the base is out of the oven.

An SEO professional may be able to optimize each page of your website for search engines. So, when you’re getting a new website or redesigning an existing one, check if the designer offers SEO services too. If they don’t, get a separate SEO professional, but ensure your website is empowered by search engine optimization.

On that note, let’s end today’s discussion. We’ll be back with a new blog next fortnight.

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