Tips To Write An Effective Products And Services Page

The primary goal of any business website is sales. So, hands down, one of the most important sections of any website is the one that showcases the business’ products and/or services. However, writing for a product/services page isn’t as straightforward as you may presume. There are certain dos and don’ts you have to abide by. That is exactly what we’ll be discussing today. 

How To Craft Home Page Content On A Small Business Website

A mall may have multiple entrances, but the one that’s used the most is usually the main entrance which more often than not leads its visitors to the different wings of the mall. Similarly, a website may have multiple landing pages (the first webpage a visitor reaches), but the Home Page is the most common landing page. Home Page is where most people build their perception about the website and its offerings. That’s why it is essential that this page is crafted carefully replete with a good design that’s easy to navigate, and packed with informative content that leads the visitor to the other important pages of the site. This aspect holds even more value when it’s a small business website. 

How To Write An Effective About Us Page For A Small Business Website

Imagine yourself at the centre stage of a meeting room before prospective clients who are meeting you for the first time. Will you directly talk business to them, or will you first introduce yourself and your business before trying to make a sale? We assume you chose the latter option here, unless you are a celebrity whose business needs no introduction. The same is the case in the digital realm. The About Us page is an opportunity for a small business or startup to introduce itself before its visitors and earn their confidence and trust. Larger players who have existed in the market may not necessarily need an introduction; but businesses that are yet to gain a foothold in the market should treat an About Us page as more than a mere obligation.

Content Tips For The 10 Crucial Pages Of A Small Business Website

In today’s era, an official website is the go-to information hub to get all the details about a business. That’s why it’s essential that the website provides all the necessary details without going overboard or understating what may be required. Big businesses may have multiple media options to boost their visibility and sales; but, having a website could prove to be the most cost effective marketing and sales platform for a small business… provided it’s built and promoted well.

3 Ways To Get Impressive Photographs For Your Business Website

Every element on a website — be it textual content, images, pages, the placement of different elements, etc. — needs to be finalized after careful thought and scrutiny. Out of all the elements, more often than not, it is the images used on a website that make the first impression. 

When a visitor lands on a business website, chances are that their instinct would be to quickly glance through the home page of the website. During this quick perusal, images are what catch their attention instantly. If what they see during this brief inspection is unimpressive, the chances of them leaving the website are higher. This is why, choosing the right images for your business website is crucial. Today, let’s discuss 3 ways to get impressive photographs for your business website. 

Website vs Social Media: Does Your Business Need A Website Despite Having Social Media Presence

Have you ever wondered, between a website and social media, what is more important than the other for a small business? Is having a website alone enough? Or will having only social media presence suffice? Why do you need both when it is nothing but duplication of information? Well, the answer is simple — for a business, social media and website are complementary, not alternatives. Though in different ways, they work in partnership to meet a common objective — creating and maintaining a relation with clients by keeping them informed and engaged.

Benefits + How To Structure FAQ Section On Website

You may have seen an FAQ (Frequently Asked Question) page on most websites. The obvious reason to include it is to answer the myriad questions a site visitor may have regarding the different processes and policies of the business. But an FAQ page serves more than just one purpose. Today, let’s discuss not only the many benefits of having the often underrated FAQ page on a website, but also how to structure it.

5 Content Must-Haves For A Good Small Business Website

A website — small or big — has one major objective — to serve the purpose it was created for. In case of a business website, the purpose is to act as an online brochure and bring in business. To achieve this, there are a lot of elements that play an important role. In one of our earlier blogs, we had discussed how design elements influence website visitors, today let’s discuss the crucial components of website content.

How To Choose The Right Domain Name AKA URL For Your Website

Just like your workplace and residence have a unique address on Earth, your website needs a unique address in the digital world. This address, also known as domain name or website Uniform Resource Locator (website URL), is crucial to your business’ online success. Today we’ll tell you how to zero in on a domain name for your business website. Before that, take a look at the different parts of a URL.

Signs Your Business Needs A Website ASAP


A business needs constant time, money, and effort. It needs to adapt to the changing times to cater to customers and stay in competition. However, despite the boom in digitalization, you’ve been procrastinating building a website for your business. You may have several excuses to justify that your business does not need a website, after all it has survived all these years without one. But, are you sure not having a website isn’t hampering your business?

Best Social Media Practices To Provide Your Small Business The Most Impact


In today’s era, it’s difficult to imagine life without internet and social media. In fact, an average adult spends approximately three hours every day on different social media platforms. So, several brands — big and small — have started investing in social media to reach out to their target audiences effectively. However, not many realize the importance of planning and strategizing social media content

Why Social Media Is Necessary For Businesses Today


When you browse through Facebook, besides updates from your friends, you may also get intermittent updates from pages you have liked on the social media platform. These pages are either for leisure, or knowledge, or from businesses trying to engage with their followers. During such times, you may have wondered if your business, too, needs social media presence. If you are still unsure, we will give you 7 reasons why you should utilize social media for your business.

What Is A Responsive Website? Why Is It Important?

Have you noticed how a website has different layouts on devices like mobile phones, tablets, and desktops? This is a recent development. Some years ago, businesses had to build separate websites for desktop and mobile phones, if they wanted to monetize on traffic from portable devices too. While the desktop version would have a regular URL like, the mobile version would have something like or Based on the type of device they are using, visitors were automatically redirected to the appropriate website.

10 Tips To Write Effective Content For A Business Website


You may have been a good writer, but writing content for a business website is a different ball game altogether. The dos and don’ts of writing website content are different from other forms of content writing. If you are a novice at website content writing, you have landed in the right place, as today we share with you 10 tips to write effective content for a business website.