How To Boost Local SEO For Your Business Website

When you are craving French fries, would it make sense for you to order a full meal especially when you are not too hungry? Similarly, why invest in national SEO when your business operates local? For instance: Suppose you are a baker in Montreal; sending a cake all the way to Toronto may not be feasible. In such a case, your SEO efforts should be directed towards ‘Bakers in Montreal’ not ‘Bakers in Canada’. As the term suggests, ‘national SEO’ focuses more on nationwide SERP ranking while ‘local SEO’ focuses on SERP limited to a particular geographic area like a city, town, or province. 

Why You Should Start Your Own Internet Business

There are no two ways that the world wide web is growing with each passing day. More and more people are using it for faster communication, to socialize, to make a purchase, to research, for entertainment, for business, etc; each of these functions here offers a business opportunity. While not everyone aims to become the next Jeff Bezos or Mark Zuckerberg, many are aware of the potential of the internet and that some of the best ways of making money in this era are by exploring the digital realm. No wonder many people are trying to earn money via the internet. It may not be wrong to say that today it is easier than ever before to start your own business, more so online business. If you are unsure of how you can capitalize on this gold mine, this blog will answer all the questions you may have and tell you why you should start your own internet business without any further ado.

Why Is Website Maintenance Important

Irrespective of whether you are a fashionista who has a walk-in wardrobe or a lazy dresser with a tiny little cupboard, don’t you buy new clothes every once in a while? You may also be eliminating clothes that either don’t fit you any longer, are worn out, or clearly not in style anymore. Thus, updating your wardrobe can either be for aesthetic reasons or practical. Similar is the case with your website — you need to make changes to it every so often either because it doesn’t adhere to Google’s latest algorithm, has broken links, or consists of outdated elements. In short, building a website is not enough; you need to maintain it well in order to reap its benefits. 

Everything Small Businesses Need To Know To Go Online

With everything — right from grocery to vacation packages — being sold online, a majority of brick and mortar stores are seeing a decline in in-store sales. Many small business owners are already aware that the digital revolution is the reason behind this decline. However, they possibly have several unanswered questions and concerns because of which going through the transition themselves seems disconcerting to them. That’s why they settle for a fewer number of customers showing up at their store. But, the fact is, the best way to bolster their business in this digital era is by getting it online.

Creating An Effective Social Media Plan For Each Platform

Having a business account on social media platforms is commonplace today. While some businesses are present on social media only because everyone else is, there are a few others that aren’t as active as they ought to be. Only a few businesses know the potential of social media with respect to their growth. In either case, many believe social media for business is about randomly posting content — whatever, whenever, and however — like they do on their personal accounts. However, for a business to have an effective business social media presence, it needs proper planning and strategizing. Though it may seem easy, it is no cakewalk; in fact, social media planning is about immediate effect, longterm effect, and everything in between. In this blog, we will talk about how you can streamline your process and go about creating an effective social media plan for each platform.

Guide To Finding The Right Social Media For Your Business

Social media is more than just Facebook today; there’s Twitter, Instagram, Snapchat, YouTube, LinkedIn, Pinterest, and more. Not only are they markedly different from a visitor standpoint, but they offer a distinctive set of benefits to businesses too. With so many options available, it’s natural to be confused about what platforms are best suited for a particular business. In fact, many entrepreneurs feel overwhelmed wondering if they need to be present on all social media platforms; as a result of this, they either take no step at all or jump in head-first. If you, too, are perplexed about what social media platforms can help you best connect with your target audience and help achieve your business goal, this article will offer you guidance. 

How To Know If Instagram Can Help Your Business

Facebook has been around for more than a decade now. After a constant rise in the number of users, seems like 2018 wasn’t too good a year for the social media giant. According to Pew Research Center’s March 2018 survey, 74% of users visited Facebook daily, out of which 51% visited multiple times. However, according to a survey conducted in June 2018 by Pew Research Center, almost 42% of users have decreased their daily Facebook activity. More recently, a Pew survey found that 26% of Facebook users deleted the app from their phone. Thus, though it had a massive 2.27 billion monthly active users as of the third quarter of 2018, there’s no denying that the number is dwindling rapidly.

Get Your Visitors To Return To Your Website

Suppose you own a coffee house. Would you be happy with customers visiting you only once, never to return? We are certain you replied in the negative. Now that you indicated that you would like your patrons to return, wouldn’t you love for them to be loyal to your coffee house — that they prefer enjoying a cup of coffee at no other cafe but yours? This time, we are sure you replied in the affirmative. But do you know what would be even better? That your customers love your cafe so much that they sing its praises to others. This word-of-mouth reference from customers who willingly have turned brand advocates will earn you more business. 

Tips For Effective Email Marketing And Email Newsletter

In the digital era, direct marketing is gaining momentum like no other. Besides social media marketing, two of the most popular terms that crop up when discussing direct digital marketing are ‘email marketing’ and ‘email newsletter’. While marketers may be able to differentiate between the two, a typical consumer may not be able to tell them apart. As a matter of fact, there are some people who may have heard both the terms, and often use them interchangeably, not knowing the difference between the two. If you, too, are unsure of the difference between email marketing and email newsletter, this blog will provide you the much-needed clarity. In addition to it, this blog will also furnish you with tips for effective email marketing and email newsletter, so that you can best utilize these digital tools to boost your business. 

Build your website for free — Why it’s a bad idea for your business

There’s a proverb — “Vinegar that is free, is sweeter than honey”. But is it wise to settle for vinegar when what you really want is honey to go with your toast? Similarly, with a plethora of free tools available to build a website, the temptation to sit before a laptop, determined to build your website for free, may be pretty strong. But will a free website multiply your online business that easily? Also, is building a website really as easy as it sounds — ‘just drag and drop’? This blog will answer all your questions, and will also tell you why designing or building your own website is a bad idea. 

Squarespace vs WordPress — All You Need To Know

With WordPress powering almost 32% of all websites on the internet, it is inarguably one of the most popular content management systems to design and build a website. However, of late, Squarespace — with its user-friendly interface, secure community, and reliable tools — has been earning the trust of millions of users across the globe. Irrespective of whether you are a website designer or a businessperson looking to having a business website, if you are confused between Squarespace and WordPress as a better platform to design a website, you are at the right place. This blog will answer all your Squarespace vs WordPress questions and help you get started in the right direction. Before we proceed, let us quickly introduce you to Squarespace and WordPress.

Beginner’s Guide To Choosing And Inserting SEO Keywords

Search Engine Optimization is like running a marathon. No matter when you start, you have to continuously run to overtake the others and be among the top 10 contenders, with the first position obviously being the most coveted one. Even when you’re at the Number One position you cannot slow down your pace, for someone may overtake you even before you realize it! Thus, inarguably, ranking on the first page of a search engine results page (SERP) isn’t enough; ranking in the top 3 results makes a lot of difference since the number of visitors keep on dropping considerably as we move south. As a matter of fact, less than 25% of people visiting the first page go up to Page 4 of search results. That’s why, SEO needs to be a continued process; you cannot stop optimizing your website just because you reached your desired position. 

How SEO Works And How To Boost Your Website Ranking

There are over 1.3 billion websites on the internet, and several billion netizens across the globe. As each of those netizens may know, search engines like Google, Bing, Yahoo, etc. facilitate the finding of the right content on the internet. But how do these search engines “decide” the order in which websites offering similar details are placed? Why are some websites placed on Page 1 while some others are on Page 2, Page 3, or even Page 33 for that matter? Did you know, more than 90% web users do not go beyond the first page while looking up for something. Out of this 90%, almost 30% users click on the first website there; the number keeps on falling, and only around 2% click on the tenth website listed on the first page. Thus you see, having a good position on a search engine, more so its first page, is extremely crucial for a website. Search Engine Optimization (SEO) is the process that helps boost a website’s position on search engines organically (i.e. by unpaid means), thereby improving its quantity and quality of visitors coming in through search engines. 

Tips To Write An Effective Products And Services Page

The primary goal of any business website is sales. So, hands down, one of the most important sections of any website is the one that showcases the business’ products and/or services. However, writing for a product/services page isn’t as straightforward as you may presume. There are certain dos and don’ts you have to abide by. That is exactly what we’ll be discussing today. 

How To Craft Home Page Content On A Small Business Website

A mall may have multiple entrances, but the one that’s used the most is usually the main entrance which more often than not leads its visitors to the different wings of the mall. Similarly, a website may have multiple landing pages (the first webpage a visitor reaches), but the Home Page is the most common landing page. Home Page is where most people build their perception about the website and its offerings. That’s why it is essential that this page is crafted carefully replete with a good design that’s easy to navigate, and packed with informative content that leads the visitor to the other important pages of the site. This aspect holds even more value when it’s a small business website. 

How To Write An Effective About Us Page For A Small Business Website

Imagine yourself at the centre stage of a meeting room before prospective clients who are meeting you for the first time. Will you directly talk business to them, or will you first introduce yourself and your business before trying to make a sale? We assume you chose the latter option here, unless you are a celebrity whose business needs no introduction. The same is the case in the digital realm. The About Us page is an opportunity for a small business or startup to introduce itself before its visitors and earn their confidence and trust. Larger players who have existed in the market may not necessarily need an introduction; but businesses that are yet to gain a foothold in the market should treat an About Us page as more than a mere obligation.

Content Tips For The 10 Crucial Pages Of A Small Business Website

In today’s era, an official website is the go-to information hub to get all the details about a business. That’s why it’s essential that the website provides all the necessary details without going overboard or understating what may be required. Big businesses may have multiple media options to boost their visibility and sales; but, having a website could prove to be the most cost effective marketing and sales platform for a small business… provided it’s built and promoted well.

3 Ways To Get Impressive Photographs For Your Business Website

Every element on a website — be it textual content, images, pages, the placement of different elements, etc. — needs to be finalized after careful thought and scrutiny. Out of all the elements, more often than not, it is the images used on a website that make the first impression. 

When a visitor lands on a business website, chances are that their instinct would be to quickly glance through the home page of the website. During this quick perusal, images are what catch their attention instantly. If what they see during this brief inspection is unimpressive, the chances of them leaving the website are higher. This is why, choosing the right images for your business website is crucial. Today, let’s discuss 3 ways to get impressive photographs for your business website.